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Penmore provides the most comprehensive global benefits program customized for your team

Penmore provides the most comprehensive global benefits program customized for your team

Penmore designs and implements a comprehensive global benefits program for your employees who are working anywhere around the world. Our senior consultants go where you are (mines, offices, factories and job sites around the world) to ensure your health and benefit needs are being met.

With strong relationships with leading global insurance providers, carriers look to us as knowledge leaders who provide advice in the industry.

With personal, ongoing management services that include the development of education, training materials and on-site presentations, Penmore ensures clients always have the support they need.

Services include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Long Term Disability
  • Health and Dental
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Medical and/or Security Evacuation
  • Cultural Competency and/or Pre-Assignment Education Tools
  • Wellness Programs
  • “Joe and his team are key members of our team of professional advisors. They provide ongoing support in managing our estate planning process, including discussions around “the next generation”, in a seamless fashion.  Penmore helped us organize and implement life insurance strategies that will fund estate taxes in an efficient manner.”

    Steven Stein, MHS Inc.

  • “Penmore always answers quickly and are very responsive to the needs of our employees. They have gone above and beyond to ensure everything is taken care of in difficult times.”

    Chuck Young, Hela Spice Canada Inc.

  • “Bill Zolis was instrumental in reducing the cost of our program, and developing the cost containment we needed to support our employees. His hands-on negotiating with the carriers got us the program we needed, and his day to day management makes sure we are getting the service we deserve.”

    Bill Nixon, Turner & Porter Funeral Directors Ltd.

  • “Penmore goes above and beyond looking after our employees, helping to solve problems with benefits providers. They provide that extra effort, you know they are there, and that gives me comfort knowing the employees are in good hands.”

    Lucie Gagnon, MCAN Mortgage

  • “We have worked with Penmore for 6 years. They are very responsive, and fully involved in implementation and issue management. We have a very lean team, and we rely on them to bring expert knowledge and context to our Benefits, Retirement, International, and Executive programs.”

    Christine Barwell, Alamos Gold

  • “Because Penmore know the people in our business, and how we think, they really understand our business requirements. Rather than needing to be managed, they act like a partner in our success.”

    Danny London, SAI

  • “Toshiba relies on Penmore to be an extension of the HR department. As specialists in benefits and pensions, we count on them to monitor our metrics and performance. Lio and his team are always accessible and responsive, and have been instrumental in the success of the program for our employees.”

    Robert Assal, Toshiba

  • “Penmore supplies Benefits programs for our company, provides great advice on insurance, and even helped us bring a compensation program for high performing individuals. Their high quality, professional service and timely advice means we don’t have to waste time; they help tremendously with HR at Fer-Pal.”

    Shaun McKaigue, Fer-Pal

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Managing Partner, COO

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International Benefits Consultant


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International Benefits Consultant


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