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About Penmore

Penmore treats you like family. We take the time to know you and your needs in order to customize sustainable solutions for your insurance planning, benefits and retirement planning, global benefits and wealth management needs. With core values of trust, accountability and integrity woven into its foundation, you benefit from a team of industry leaders who develop independent recommendations based on research, assessment of all options and access to the worldwide market. Ongoing senior leadership on every account ensures you have the peace of mind knowing the solution provided exceeds your expectations now and into the future.

How We Work With You

Your partner-led team is dedicated to you now and in the future. Our four-step process ensures we understand what your individual needs are from the beginning and as your needs change.

Our Process

The Penmore Group takes a disciplined approach to all Client businesses, regardless of size and complexity. Our Process has been developed over many years and many Clients to be comprehensive, robust, and yet flexible to ensure that it remains personal.

There are four major phases, each with their own set of deliverables. Taken together, they provide a roadmap of how Penmore approaches clients and businesses, but produces uniquely tailored plans based on the specifics of the task.

The Penmore process

The first phase is Discovery. Through a sharing of documentation, and direct face to face conversations, Penmore learns about the Goals, Objectives and Motivations of the Client and their organizations. While the overall product categories of Employee Benefits, Insurance, or Wealth Management are consistent, the ability to uncover the soft information to ensure the right solution, becomes one of the key differentiators of our Partner-led approach.

The information gathered in Discovery then moves to the Analysis Phase. Benchmarks and other quantifiable metrics are used to evaluate the Goals and Objectives to ensure they meet the requirements of the organization.

During the Recommendation and Implementation phase, solutions are provided along with the implications of those decisions. Concurrence and feedback are sought from the Client at this stage to refine and improve the ultimate solution. As part of this phase, the specific approach to how the program will be rolled out and communicated is discussed.

The last phase, Recalibration, where we examine the solution, measure the results, and adjust the program as the needs of the Client and the organization evolve. This is an ongoing phase, as the outputs of this work informs and become the inputs of the next iteration of the program.


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