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Employee Benefits Planning

Trust us to make sure your employee benefits plans are competitive in the marketplace.

Employee Benefits Planning

Trust us to make sure your employee benefits plans are competitive in the marketplace.

Employee Benefits Planning

Trust us to make sure your employee benefits plans are competitive in the marketplace.

Employee Benefits Planning

Trust us to make sure your employee benefits plans are competitive in the marketplace.

Customized employee benefits to meet your organization’s needs

Penmore Benefits Inc.’s cost-effective coverage and personalized hands-on approach has gained the trust of our family of clients.

The select insurers who work with us also have our trust. We only recommend their products if we know their goals align with yours.

We work to minimize the time and expense associated with the administration and management of your employee benefits.

Penmore Benefits Inc. is a member of The Benefits Alliance Group, an organization of benefits consultants who provide superior advice to their clients with respect to the design and management of group insurance and group retirement arrangements.

As a member of the Benefits Alliance, Penmore Benefits Inc. enjoys the support and strength associated with membership.


Benefits Planning Services

Benefits Audit: Penmore Benefits Inc. reviews your existing programs. Based on our review, we prepare a written report detailing the results of the audit and clearly articulating recommendations.

Plan Design Consulting: We advise on new developments in employee benefits and recommend incorporation of these into your existing benefits program. Solutions are based on market comparisons and benchmarking.

Renewals: We negotiate your renewal rates. Our spreadsheets detail your current renewal along with alternatives. The implications to your plan’s costs and its benefits are also spelled out to ensure the greatest value for your benefits dollar.

Plan Marketing: We gather and review information for submission to a specific list of insurance carriers. We analyze all proposals and prepare a benefits and cost comparison.

Service: Customer service is our key differentiator. We assist with conflict resolution of claims, billing, enrolment/terminations and general administration. A toll-free service is available to answer coverage and claims questions.

Plan Communication: Communication of the plan or plan changes to employees is crucial in managing employee benefits programs. We prepare employee communication materials and facilitate meetings with them to ensure a clear understanding of the material.

  • Christine Deacon, Head of People & Culture, Plastic Bank, Vancouver, BC

    “Michael and Tyler from Penmore were extraordinary in their communication, personableness and responsiveness. I felt looked after and guided through the onboarding journey, as I did throughout our relationship. Penmore's dedication to bringing a personal touch to every interaction has been outstanding, and I would recommend them to any company wanting to be led by expertise and connectedness through the group benefits journey."

  • Steven Stein, MHS Inc.

    “Joe and his team are key members of our team of professional advisors. They provide ongoing support in managing our estate planning process, including discussions around “the next generation”, in a seamless fashion.  Penmore helped us organize and implement life insurance strategies that will fund estate taxes in an efficient manner.”

  • Chuck Young, Hela Spice Canada Inc.

    “Penmore always answers quickly and are very responsive to the needs of our employees. They have gone above and beyond to ensure everything is taken care of in difficult times.”

  • Bill Nixon, Turner & Porter Funeral Directors Ltd.

    “Bill Zolis was instrumental in reducing the cost of our program, and developing the cost containment we needed to support our employees. His hands-on negotiating with the carriers got us the program we needed, and his day to day management makes sure we are getting the service we deserve.”

  • Lucie Gagnon, MCAN Mortgage

    “Penmore goes above and beyond looking after our employees, helping to solve problems with benefits providers. They provide that extra effort, you know they are there, and that gives me comfort knowing the employees are in good hands.”

  • Christine Barwell, Alamos Gold

    “We have worked with Penmore for 6 years. They are very responsive, and fully involved in implementation and issue management. We have a very lean team, and we rely on them to bring expert knowledge and context to our Benefits, Retirement, International, and Executive programs.”

  • Danny London, SAI

    “Because Penmore know the people in our business, and how we think, they really understand our business requirements. Rather than needing to be managed, they act like a partner in our success.”

  • Robert Assal, Toshiba

    “Toshiba relies on Penmore to be an extension of the HR department. As specialists in benefits and pensions, we count on them to monitor our metrics and performance. Lio and his team are always accessible and responsive, and have been instrumental in the success of the program for our employees.”

  • Shaun McKaigue, Fer-Pal

    “Penmore supplies Benefits programs for our company, provides great advice on insurance, and even helped us bring a compensation program for high performing individuals. Their high quality, professional service and timely advice means we don’t have to waste time; they help tremendously with HR at Fer-Pal.”

Drugs, Alcohol and, Oh Yes, Marijuana

Changing times may require all of us to take a long hard look at our drug-and-alcohol policies Employers often feel that they’re between a rock and a hard place when it comes to drugs and alcohol in the workplace. On the one hand, they have a legal duty to accommodate employees who suffer the disability…

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Turner and Porter: Case Study

Turner and Porter had previously bought a Benefits Plan that had a low upfront cost, however then prices rose dramatically in subsequent years. In addition to lack of cost containment, the account handling was impersonal and both the business owners and employees were finding the working relationship difficult.
Penmore was asked to come in and provide a complete review of the program, the competitive framework, and work directly with the company on negotiation with carriers.

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CDI Professional Corp. Case Study

The CDI HR team was faced with two completely different plan designs due to an acquisition. This made it difficult to keep track of who is part of what plan and this caused many problems for their payroll department.
CDI has asked Penmore to create one plan design for all divisions and design it around cost containment and future affordability. Penmore was also asked to look into benefit options for the 1000 Independent contractors situated throughout the country.

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Clients we have worked with:

Employee Benefits Team

Domenico Morrone

Group Benefits Associate

905-669-5577 Ext. 283

Lio Spagnuolo

Managing Partner, COO

905-669-5577 ext 224

Lina Marzola

Account Coordinator and Customer Care Specialist

905-669-5577 ext 269

Cathy McNally

Account Coordinator/Customer Care

905-669-5577 ext 277

Michael Pecchia

Account Manager

905-669-5577 ext 286

MaryAnn Petruzzellis

Benefit Account Manager

905-669-5577 ext 226

Joanne Porter

Senior Account Manager

905-669-5577 ext 233

Kathy Roznicki

Group Benefits Analyst


Gianluca Spirito B.A., GBA

Account Manager

905-669-5577 ext 276

Bill Zolis

Senior Employee Benefits Consultant

1-800-399-8523 x225

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