Personal & Corporate Insurance Planning

Penmore simplifies the complexities of insurance and provides solutions that deliver you peace of mind.

Achieve Peace of Mind

Penmore advisors help uncover what is most important to you. We focus on your goals while reminding you that you are in control of life’s uncertainties.

We take care of planning, so you can focus on everything else that matters

Insurance Services

Personal Insurance


Protect wealth and provide financial security for your family with our financial and wealth transfer solutions.

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Corporate Insurance


Penmore works closely with your business advisors and executives to structure the right insurance solutions.

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How We Work Together

Gathering information and learning about vision, goals, and objectives.

Our consultative approach sets us apart in our industry. We sit on your side of the table and listen carefully to your concerns and objectives.

Evaluating vision, goals, and objectives.

We use benchmarks and other quantifiable metrics to evaluate your goals and objectives and ensure they meet your requirements.

Provide solutions and require feedback to meet goals.

We provide solutions along with the implications of those decisions. Concurrence and feedback are sought from you at this stage to refine and improve the ultimate solution.

Tactical execution and strategic communication.

You are informed about the specific approach to how your customized solution will be executed and communicated to ensure your peace of mind.

Measuring and evaluating. Reviewing vision, goals, and objectives.

We examine the solution, measure the results, and adjust the program as your needs evolve. This is an ongoing phase and determines inputs of the next iteration of the program.

A Personalized Approach for Each Client

"The team at Penmore was exceptionally knowledgeable in helping me register for insurance. They streamlined this multi-step process and highlighted essential details that I otherwise would have missed. If you want expertise combined with peace of mind, I would highly recommend them. They are the epitome of being one step ahead of the game.”

Brenda Yee

"My husband and I have owned personal insurance policies for almost 25 years; however, it was not until we met our advisor at Penmore that we truly understood our coverage, and more importantly, our options moving forward. The team provided a financial plan that helped us decide which direction we should take. When an insurance company offered coverage at non-competitive rates, our advisor negotiated with them for a few months until he achieved a positive outcome. We are more than happy to refer our friends and family to Penmore!”

Laurie Letheren

"Penmore was consistently thorough and accessible - over a number of years with us. They have a thorough understanding of insurance and the changing needs related to ageing. They were very helpful in referring us to their colleagues in the investment division, which was also a good experience.”

Ann Dempster

"Penmore made the process of applying for Disability Insurance stress-free and straightforward. They always outlined my options, kept me informed throughout the process, and were quick to answer any questions I had. They were very thorough and knowledgeable, always advocating for the best possible coverage for me. I would definitely recommend their services.”

Rebecca-Jane McAllister

Insurance Planning Done Right

Penmore’s insurance advisors focus on the details and help you see the big picture.

Are you ready to make insurance decisions with confidence?

Speak to our advisors and learn how a comprehensive insurance plan is the path to financial peace of mind.


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